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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

neqn Command


Formats mathematical text for the nroff command.


neqn [ -d Delimiter1Delimiter2 ] [ -f Font ] [ -p Number ] [ -s Size ] [ -- ] [ File ... | ]


The neqn command is an nroff preprocessor for formatting mathematical text on typewriter-like terminals. Pipe the output of the neqn command into the nroff command as follows:

neqn [Flag...File... nroff [Flag...[Printer]

The neqn command reads one or more files. If no files are specified for the File parameter or the - (minus sign) flag is specified as the last parameter, standard input is read by default. A line beginning with the .EQ macro marks the start of equation text. The end of equation text is marked by a line beginning with the .EN macro. These lines are not altered by the nroff command, so they can be defined in macro packages to provide additional formatting functions such as centering and numbering.

The -- (double dash) delimiter indicates the end of flags.

Depending on the target output devices, neqn command output formatted by the nroff command may need to be post-processed by the col command to produce correct output.

The eqn command gives more information about the input format and keywords used.


-dDelimiter1Delimiter2 Sets two ASCII characters, Delimiter1 and Delimiter2, as delimiters of the text to be processed by the neqn command, in addition to input enclosed by the .EQ and .EN macros. The text between these delimiters is treated as input to the neqn command.

Within a file, you can also set delimiters for neqn text using the delim Delimiter1Delimiter2 request. These delimiters are turned off by the delim off request. All text that is not between delimiters or the .EQ macro and .EN macro is passed through unprocessed.

-fFont Changes font in all the neqn command-processed text to the value specified by the Font variable. The Font value (a font name or position) must be one or two ASCII characters.
-pNumber Reduces subscripts and superscripts to the specified number of points in size. The default is 3 points.
-sSize Changes point size in all the neqn command-processed text to the value specified by the Size variable.
- Reads from standard input.
-- (double dash) Marks the end of the flags.


/usr/share/lib/pub/eqnchar Contains special character definitions.

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