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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

mkfont Command


Adds a font path name to the Object Data Manager (ODM) that is loaded by the low function terminal (LFT) at boot time.


mkfont [FontPathName]


The mkfont command adds a fully qualified font file path name to the ODM. At boot time, the LFT loads the new font and any other fonts found in the ODM. The list of font information acquired by the LFT is passed to the default display device driver. The display driver selects from this list the font that best fits the display. If a default font was selected using the chfont command, the device driver uses that font.

Note: This command can be run only from an LFT.

You can use the Web-based System Manager Devices application (wsm devices fast path) to run this command. You could also use the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) smit mkfont fast path to run this command.

The user must have root authority to execute this command.


FontPathName The fully qualified pathname of a font file.


To add the font file /usr/lpp/fonts/Rom10.snf, enter the following command:

mkfont   /usr/lpp/fonts/Rom10.snf


/bin/mkfont Contains the mkfont command.
/usr/lpp/fonts Contains the font directory.

Related Information

The chfont command, lsfont command.

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