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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

mergenote Command


Combines multiple InfoExplorer notes files into a single notes file.


mergenote -d Directory-f NewList ] NoteList ...


The mergenote command combines multiple files of InfoExplorer notes, specified by the NoteList parameter, into a single file. The single file can then be used for public notes.

The mergenote command merges note-content files, along with their associated note-list files, as input. The command resolves all name conflicts in the note-content files, and creates a new note-list file, which is then placed in the directory specified by the Directory parameter. If note-list files already exist in the directory specified by the Directory parameter, the mergenote command continues the merge process and displays a message to indicate the note file is being replaced.

Note: Paths can be either absolute or relative to the current working directory.


-d Directory Saves the merged note list files and their associated note contents files to the directory specified by the Directory parameter.
-f NewList Saves the merged notes to the file named by the NewList parameter. If the -f flag is not used, the merged notes are saved to the default file merge.not.
NoteList Specifies one or more note files. The note file names should not include the .not extension.


To merge private notes files ccsleo , and slh , and save them to the default file in the $HOME/info/notes directory, enter:

mergenote -d $HOME/info/notes ccs leo slh


$HOME/info Contains the user-preferences file as well as the saved-notes, bookmarks, and history files.

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