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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

lsrole Command


Displays role attributes. This command applies only to AIX Version 4.2.1 and later.


lsrole-c -f ] [ -a List ] { ALL | Name [ ,Name ] ... }


The lsrole command displays the role attributes. You can use this command to list all attributes of all the roles or all the attributes of specific roles. Since there is no default parameter, you must enter the ALL keyword to see the attributes of all the roles. By default, the lsrole command displays all role attributes. To view selected attributes, use the -a List flag. If one or more attributes cannot be read, the lsrole command lists as much information as possible.

By default, the lsrole command lists each role's attributes on one line. It displays attribute information as Attribute=Value definitions, each separated by a blank space. To list the role attributes in stanza format, use the -f flag. To list the information as colon-separated records, use the -c flag.

You can use the Web-based System Manager Users application (wsm users fast path) to run this command. You could also use the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) to run this command.


-a List Lists the attributes to display. The List variable can include any attribute defined in the chrole command and requires a blank space between attributes. If you specify an empty list, only the role names are displayed.
-c Displays the role attributes in colon-separated records, as follows:
# role:  attribute1:  attribute2:  ... 
  Role:  value1:      value2:      ...
-f Displays the output in stanzas, with each stanza identified by a role name. Each Attribute=Value pair is listed on a separate line:


Files Accessed:

Mode File
r /etc/security/roles


To display the role rolelist and groups of the role ManageAllUsers in colon format, enter:

lsrole -c -a rolelist groups ManageAllUsers

Information similar to the following appears:

# role: rolelist:groups
 ManageAllUsers: ManagerBasicUser:security


/etc/security/roles Contains the attributes of roles.

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