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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

hp Command


Handles special functions for the HP2640- and HP2621-series terminals.


hp-e ] [ -m ... ]


The hp command reads standard input (usually output from the nroff command), and writes to standard output, which is usually Hewlett-Packard 2640- and 2621-series terminal displays.

If your terminal has the display enhancement feature, you can display subscript characters and superscript characters. With the mathematical-symbol feature, you can display Greek characters and other special characters, with two exceptions. The hp command approximates the logical operator NOT with a right arrow and shows only the top half of the integral sign.

Overstrike characters are characters followed by a backspace and another character. They appear underlined or in inverse video (depending on terminal enhancements) if either the overwritten character or the character typed after the backspace is an underscore character.

Note: Some sequences of control characters (reverse line-feeds and backspaces) can make text disappear from the display. Tables with vertical lines generated by the tbl command may be missing lines of text containing the bottom of a vertical line. You may be able to avoid these problems by first piping the input through the col command and then through the hp command.


-e Shows overstruck characters underlined, superscript characters in half-bright, and subscript characters in half-bright underlined. Otherwise, all overstruck characters, subscript characters, and superscript characters appear in inverse video (dark-on-light). Use this flag only if your display has the display enhancements feature.
-m Produces only one blank line for any number of successive blank lines in the text.

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