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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

gettable Command


Gets Network Information Center (NIC) format host tables from a host.


/usr/sbin/gettable-v ] HostOutFile ]


The /usr/sbin/gettable command is used to obtain the NIC standard host tables from a server indicated by the Host parameter. The tables, if retrieved, are placed in the file indicated by the OutFile parameter.

The gettable command opens a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection to the port indicated in the service specification for the Host parameter. A request is then made for all names, and the resultant information is placed in the output file.

The gettable command is best used in conjunction with the htable command, which converts the NIC standard file format to that used by the network library lookup routines.


-v Gets just the version number instead of the complete host table and puts the output in OutFile or, by default, in a file named hosts.ver.


Host Specifies the server that provides the host table information.
OutFile Specifies the file where you want to place the host table information. If you use the gettable command without the -v flag, the default file name is hosts.txt.

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