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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

flcopy Command


Copies to and from diskettes.


flcopy [ -f Device ] [ -h | -r ] [ -t Number ]


The flcopy command copies a diskette (opened as /dev/rfd0) to a file named floppy created in the current directory, then prints the message: Change floppy, hit return when done . The flcopy command then copies the floppy file to the diskette. You can specify the -f, -h, -r, or -tNumber flag to modify the behavior of the flcopy command.

Note: You cannot use the flcopy command to copy data from one diskette to another diskette of different size.


-f Device Allows you to specify a drive other than /dev/rfd0.
-h Causes the flcopy command to open the floppy file in the current directory and copy it to /dev/rfd0.
-r Tells the flcopy command to exit after copying the diskette to the floppy file in the current directory.
-t Number Causes only the specified Number of tracks to be copied. The tracks copied always begin with the first tracks on the diskette.

Exit Status

This command returns the following exit values:

0 Successful completion.
>0 An error occurred.


  1. To copy /dev/rfd1 to the floppy file in the current directory, enter:
    flcopy -f /dev/rfd1 -r
  2. To copy the first 100 tracks of the diskette, enter:
    flcopy -f /dev/rfd1 -t 100


/usr/sbin/flcopy Contains the flcopy command.

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