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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

dosformat Command


Formats a DOS diskette.


dosformat-V Label ] [-D Device -4 ]


The dosformat command formats a diskette with the DOS format.

The default device and DOS diskette drive format is /dev/fd0 for a 3.5-inch diskette. The density is usually either 1.44M-byte or 2.88M-byte, depending on the density that the drive supports. Other DOS diskette drive formats are implemented by using the -D or -4 flags.

To include a volume label, use the -V flag.

Note: The purpose of this command is to facilitate file transfer between AIX and DOS systems. Using this command to format a diskette that needs to have the DOS system startup files on it is not recommended.


-V Write the Label parameter to the diskette as the DOS volume label.
-DDevice Specifies the diskette drive type and size. The Device parameter can be specified as:

For a 3.5-inch, 1.44M drive:

/dev/fd0 1.44MB (default)
/dev/fd0h 1.44MB
/dev/fd0l 720KB
/dev/fd0.18 1.44MB
/dev/fd0.9 720KB

For a 3.5-inch, 2.88M drive:

/dev/fd0 2.88MB (default)
/dev/fd0h 2.88MB
/dev/fdol 720KB
/dev/fd0.36 2.88MB
/dev/fd0.18 1.44MB
/dev/fd0.9 720KB

For a 5.25-inch, 1.2M drive:

/dev/fd0 1.2MB (default)
/dev/fd0.15 1.2MB
/dev/fd0.9 360KB
-4 Specifies the lower density for the diskette size.


  1. To format a 3.5-inch, 1.44M-byte diskette with the volume label "homework," type the following:
    dosformat -V homework
  2. To format a 5.25-inch, 360K-byte diskette, type the following:
    dosformat -D /dev/fd1.9
    dosformat -D /dev/fd1 -4


/usr/bin/dosformat Contains the dosformat command.

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