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AIX Version 4.3 System User's Guide: Operating System and Devices

Listing the Available Fonts (lsfont Command)

The lsfont command displays a list of the fonts available to your display.

For example, to list all fonts available to the display in list format, enter:

lsfont -l

Following is an example of the displayed list showing the font identifier, font type, and number of characters per screen:

ID   Name          Style   Weight   Encoding  Col X Lines
0    Normal-R-N    Roman    Normal    PC850     80 X 251
1    Normal-I-N    Italic   Normal    PC850     120 X 35
2    Bold-R-Bol    Roman   Bold     PC850     120 X 35

See the lsfont command in the AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference for the exact syntax.

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