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AIX Version 4.3 Quick Beginnings

Chapter 3. Using AIX Common Desktop Environment

The AIX Common Desktop Environment, available with the AIX operating system, is based on Common Desktop Environment (CDE) 1.0 technology. Help volumes, online documentation, and manuals may refer to the desktop as AIX Common Desktop Environment, Common Desktop Environment desktop, the CDE desktop, or the desktop.

With the AIX Common Desktop Environment, you can access networked devices and tools without having to be aware of their location. You can exchange data across applications by simply using your mouse to drag and drop objects.

The following sections provide information about getting started with the AIX Common Desktop Environment:

For information about how to use a mouse in AIX Common Desktop Environment (for example, to click on or drag and drop an icon), see "Mouse".

You will find that the AIX Common Desktop Environment is easy to use, and you'll be able to perform basic tasks right away. For more detailed information on working in this interface, see the Common Desktop Environment 1.0: User's Guide.

You'll know that the AIX Common Desktop Environment is set up to start automatically on your system if you see the login screen in the following illustration when you turn on your display device.

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