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AIX Version 4.3 Problem Solving Guide and Reference

Respond to Screen Messages

Respond to and recover from screen messages by doing the following:

  1. If the terminal displays any error messages, look up the messages in the AIX Version 4.3 Messages Guide and Reference.
  1. Make sure the DISPLAY environment variable is set correctly. Use either of the following methods to check the DISPLAY environment:
  2. Reset the terminal to its defaults using the following stty command:
    stty sane

    The stty sane command restores the "sanity" of the terminal drivers. The command outputs an appropriate terminal resetting code from the /etc/termcap file (or /usr/share/lib/terminfo if available).

  3. If the Return key does not work correctly, reset it by entering:
    ^J stty sane ^J

    The ^J represents the Ctrl-J key sequence.

  4. If your screen does not return to normal operation after you complete the preceding procedures, follow the diagnostic procedures in "Hardware Diagnostics" .

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