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AIX Version 4.3 Problem Solving Guide and Reference

Reinitializing a User-Defined Volume Group

To reinitialize a user-defined volume group, copy the shell script to a new file /bin/uvgrecover, edit the file as follows, and then run chmod +x /bin/uvgrecover.

After copying the shell script to /bin/uvgrecover, change the line:

odmdelete -q "value1 = 10" -o CuDvDr


odmdelete -q "value1 = $VG" -o CuDvDr

The physical volume (PV) and volume group (VG) variables on the first two lines of the script are defaulted for the rootvg volume group. The PV is set to /dev/ipldevice, which is a synonym for one of the physical volumes that is a member of the rootvg volume group. For a user-defined volume group:

For example:


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