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AIX Version 4.3 Messages Guide and Reference

Message Index: Component ID 1255

Many messages associated with component 1255 refer to the same command. The message IDs are grouped below in numerical order according to the command to which they refer.

Certain messages refer to more than one command. In these cases, each command is listed as a choice.

Find the appropriate range of message IDs below. To see the reference article for an associated command, select the appropriate article or command name.

If you cannot find the solution to your problem in these articles, return to "Recovering from Software Errors".

Or you can go back to the list of component IDs.

001-035 uudemon.admin
036-079 "Source Code Control System (SCCS) Overview" in in AIX General Programming Concepts: Writing and Debugging Programs
082-084 comb
086-097 delta
103-120 get
121-139 cdc
141-142 sccshelp
144-151 val
152-154 unget
156-175 vc
177-179 prs
180-209 sccs
210 sccsdiff

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