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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Programming Concepts

List of NIS Programming References

The list of Network Information Service (NIS) references includes:

See "List of NIS Commands" in AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Communications and Networks for information about Network Information System NIS commands and daemons.


yp_all Transfers all of the key-value pairs from the NIS server to the client as the entire map.
yp_bind Calls the ypbind daemon directly for processes that use backup strategies when NIS is not available.
yp_first Returns the first key-value pair from the named NIS map in the named domain.
yp_get_default_domain Gets the default domain of the node.
yp_master Returns the machine name of the NIS master server for a map.
yp_match Searches for the value associated with a key.
yp_next Returns each subsequent value it finds in the named NIS map until it reaches the end of the list.
yp_order Returns the order number for an NIS map that identifies when the map was built.
yp_unbind Manages socket descriptors for processes that access multiple domains.
yp_update Makes changes to the NIS map.
yperr_string Returns a pointer to an error message string.
ypprot_err Takes an NIS protocol error code as input and returns an error code to be used as input to a yperr_string subroutine.


ethers Lists Ethernet addresses of hosts on the network.
netgroup Lists the groups of users on the network.
netmasks Lists network masks used to implement Internet Protocol standard subnetting.
publickey Stores public or secret keys from NIS maps.
updaters Contains a makefile for updating NIS maps.
xtab Lists directories that are currently exported.

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