First Edition (October 1994)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Chapter 1. AIX Graphics Library Overview

Chapter 2. Getting Started in GL

Chapter 3. Drawing with Graphics Library

Chapter 4. Working with Coordinate Systems

Chapter 5. Using Viewports and Screenmasks

Chapter 6. Removing Hidden Surfaces

Chapter 7. Creating Lighting Effects

Chapter 8. Performing Depth-Cueing

Chapter 9. Configuring the Frame Buffer

Chapter 10. Working with Objects (Display Lists)

Chapter 11. Picking and Selecting

Chapter 12. Understanding Windows and Input Control

Chapter 13. Using Enhanced X-Windows Calls with GL Subroutines

Chapter 14. Portability, Compatibility, and Performance

Chapter 15. System Programming Considerations

Chapter 16. Understanding the Graphics Adapter

Appendix A. GL Subroutines

Appendix B. GL Subroutine Modality

Appendix C. Adapter Description Table for GL

Appendix D. Porting SGI GL Applications to Your GL Environment

Special Terms Used in GL