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AIX Version 4.3 General Programming Concepts: Writing and Debugging Programs

Defining Your Subsystem to the SRC

Subsystems are defined to the SRC object class as subsystem objects. Subservers are defined in the SRC configuration data base as subserver type objects. The structures associated with each type of object are predefined in the sys/srcobj.h file.

A subsystem object is created with the mkssys command or the addssys subroutine. A subserver type object is created with the mkserver command. You are not required to specify all possible options and parameters using the configuration commands and subroutines. The SRC offers pre-set defaults. See the Subsystem Object Descriptor and Default Value table in "Subsystem Object Class" in "SRC Objects" for a list of subsystem and subserver default values. You must specify only the required fields and any fields in which you want some value other than the default.

Descriptors can be added or modified at the command line, by writing a shell script. They can also be added or modified using the C interface. Commands and subroutines are available for configuring and modifying the SRC objects.

Note: The choice of programming interfaces is provided for convenience only.

At the command line:

When using the C interface:

The mkssys and mkserver commands call the defssys subroutine internally to determine subsystem and subserver default values prior to adding or modifying any values entered at the command line.

The getssys and getsubsvr subroutines are used when the SRC master program or a subsystem program needs to retrieve data from the SRC configuration files.

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