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AIX Version 4.3 General Programming Concepts: Writing and Debugging Programs

List of SCCS Commands

Attention: Using non-SCCS commands with SCCS files can damage the SCCS files.

The following SCCS commands are a complete system for handling SCCS files:

admin Creates an SCCS file or changes an existing SCCS file.
cdc Changes the comments associated with a delta.
comb Combines two or more consecutive deltas in an SCCS file.
delta Adds a set of changes (deltas) to the text of an SCCS file.
get Gets a specified version of an SCCS file for editing or compiling.
prs Formats and prints specified portions of an SCCS file to standard output.
rmdel Removes the most recent delta on a branch from an SCCS file.
sact Displays current SCCS file editing status.
sccs Administration program for the SCCS system. The sccs command contains a set of pseudo-commands that perform most SCCS services.
sccsdiff Writes the differences between two versions of an SCCS file.
sccshelp Explains an SCCS error message or command.
unget Cancels the effect of a previous use of the get -e command.
val Checks an SCCS file to see if its computed checksum matches the checksum listed in the header.
vc Substitutes assigned values in place of identification keywords.
what Searches a system file for a pattern and displays text that follows it.

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