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AIX Version 4.3 General Programming Concepts: Writing and Debugging Programs

List of Memory Mapping Services

The memory mapping subroutines operate on memory regions that have been mapped with the mmap subroutine. These subroutines enable you to:

You do not need to specify any special flag to the compiler to use the memory functions. However, you must include the header file for some of these subroutines. If the subroutine description specifies a header file, you can include it with the following statement:

#include <HeaderFile.h>

The following memory mapping services are provided:

madvise Advises the system of a process' expected paging behavior.
mincore Determines residency of memory pages.
mmap Maps an object file onto virtual memory.
mprotect Modifies access protections of memory mapping.
msync Synchronizes a mapped file with its underlying storage device.
munmap Unmaps a mapped memory region.

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