First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Chapter 1. Tools and Utilities

Chapter 2. The Curses Library

Chapter 3. Debugging Programs

Chapter 4. Error Notification

Chapter 5. File Systems and Directories

Chapter 6. Floating-Point Exceptions

Chapter 7. Input and Output Handling

Chapter 8. Large Program Support

Chapter 9. Parallel Programming

Chapter 10. Programming on Multiprocessor Systems

Chapter 11. Threads Programming Guidelines

Chapter 12. lex and yacc Program Information

Chapter 13. Logical Volume Programming

Chapter 14. make Command Overview

Chapter 15. m4 Macro Processor Overview

Chapter 16. National Language Support

Chapter 17. Object Data Manager (ODM)

Chapter 18. sed Program Information

Chapter 19. Shared Libraries and Shared Memory
Shared Objects and Runtime Linking
Shared Libraries and Lazy Loading
Creating a Shared Library
Program Address Space Overview
Understanding Memory Mapping
Creating a Mapped Data File with the shmat Subroutine
Creating a Copy-On-Write Mapped Data File with the shmat Subroutine
Creating a Shared Memory Segment with the shmat Subroutine
System Memory Allocation
Paging Space Programming Requirements
List of Memory Manipulation Services
List of Memory Mapping Services

Chapter 20. Packaging Software for Installation

Chapter 21. AIX Documentation Search Service

Chapter 22. Software Vital Product Data (SWVPD)

Chapter 23. Source Code Control System (SCCS)

Chapter 24. Subroutines, Example Programs, and Libraries

Chapter 25. System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)

Chapter 26. System Resource Controller

Chapter 27. Trace Facility

Chapter 28. TTY Subsystem

Chapter 29. High-Resolution Time Measurements Using PowerPC Time Base or POWER Real-Time Clock

Chapter 30. Loader Domains

Chapter 31. Power Management-Aware Application Program