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AIX Version 4.3 General Programming Concepts: Writing and Debugging Programs

List of Converter Subroutines

In an internationalized environment, it is often necessary to convert data from one code set to another. The following converter subroutines are supported for this purpose:

iconv_open Performs the initialization required to convert characters from the code set specified by the FromCode parameter to the code set specified by the ToCode parameter.
iconv Invokes the converter function using the descriptor obtained from the iconv_open subroutine.
iconv_close Closes the conversion descriptor specified by the cd variable and makes it usable again.
ccsidtocs Returns the code-set name of the corresponding coded character set IDs (CCSID).
cstoccsid Returns the CCSID of the corresponding code-set name.

For more information about multibyte character subroutines see "National Language Support Subroutines Overview".

For more NLS subroutines see "List of National Language Support Subroutines".

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