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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX

Definition of TU_RETURN_TYPE Output Structure

The exectu() interface expects, as a return value, a unsigned long major_rc return code value. As an extension of this return value, a Test Unit Control Block (TUCB) return structure is included as a third argument to the exectu() function call. The TUCB return structure is defined as a C language data type called TU_RETURN_TYPE, and is defined in the diag/tucb.h header file. This header file must be used without modification and included in each source file where the structure is used.

typedef struct tucb_out_t {
            ulong                 major_rc;
            ulong                 minor_rc;
            ulong                 actual_loop;
            ulong                 data_log_length;
            ulong                 severity;

See "Definition of EXECTU()" for structure member definitions.

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