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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX

Diagnostic Supplemental Diskette Contents

A Diagnostic Supplemental Diskette must contain all files required to configure and test a device. Three special files, diagstartS, diagS.dep, and diagcleanupS, are required by the Standalone Diagnostic Package to maintain the software on the diskette. The diskette must be written in cpio format. Use the C36 block option on the cpio command to create the diskette. The following list describes each required file:

etc/diagstartS Shell script (with execute permission) to add the object class stanzas to the database, configure the devices, and so on. See the example diagstartS shell script file. This file must be the first file on diskette.
etc/diagS.dep Dependency file. This file is a list of all files on the diskette. Each file must be listed with its full path name.
etc/diagcleanupS Cleanup script file. This script should perform any cleanup necessary after the supplemental has been processed and run; for example, restoring the ODM database to its original condition if the supplemental changed some of the original values.
etc/stanzas/device .add Stanza file for the device. The stanzas must include the PdDv, PdCn, PdAt, and PDiagRes information required for the device.
Note: Use PDiagRes if the device is only supported on AIX Version 4.2 and later. If the supplemental can be used on a pre-AIX Version 4.2 system, then PDiagDev must be used.
usr/lib/drivers/devicedd Device driver for the device. The devicedd variable should be the name of the device driver.
usr/lib/methods/devicecfgmethod and usr/lib/methods/deviceunconfigmethod
                          Methods necessary to define, configure, undefine, and unconfigure the device. The names must be the same referenced by the PdDv method objects. Do not include any methods that are already part of AIX. Include only the unique methods used by this device.
usr/lib/methods/devicedesc.cat Device description catalog file devicedesc.cat should be the name of the catalog file referenced by the PdDv catalog object. The device description file should contain the description of the device shown when using the lsdev or lscfg command.
usr/lpp/diagnostics/da/ddevice Diagnostic Application (DA) for the device. The ddevice variable should be the name of the DA, which is the same name referenced by the PDiagRes DaName object.
                          DA message catalog for the device. The DA menus are included in this file.

This message catalog file also contains FRU information. The set number used must be the same number referenced by the PDiagRes PSet object.

Note: If the supplemental diskette being developed is for a graphics adapter that can be used as a console device, then the suffix 3S should be used instead of S. For example, the file etc/diagstartS should be etc/diagstart3S, etc/diagS.dep should be etc/diag3S.dep, and etc/diagcleanupS should be etc/diagcleanup3S.
usr/lpp/diagnostics/slih/device_slih Second Level Interrupt Handler for the device.
usr/lpp/diagnostics/lib/lib_device Device Test Unit loadable library.

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