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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX



Returns the SCSI ID and Logical Unit Number (LUN) from a SCSI address. Applicable to Diagnostics Version 4 only.


#include    <diag/diag.h>

int  diag_get_sid_lun ( scsiaddr, sid_addr, lun_addr )
char  *scsiaddr;
uchar *sid_addr;
uchar *lun_addr;


The diag_get_sid_lun subroutine returns the SCSI ID and logical unit number associated with a SCSI address for a device. The SCSI address must be in the format used by the connwhere field in CuDv object class.


scsiaddr Pointer to the address of the SCSI device. This is the connwhere field of the device. Format is "x,y" where x is the SCSI ID, and y is the logical unit number.
sid_addr Pointer to the SCSI ID of the device.
lun_addr Pointer to the logical unit number of the device.

Return Value

The diag_get_sid_lun subroutine returns one of the following values:

0 Successful return.
-1 Error. Incorrect format for SCSI address.

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