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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

X25_DIAG_TASK (Download Diagnostics) x25sioctl Operation


Provides the means to download the diagnostics task on to the card.


The X25_DIAG_TASK x25sioctl operation provides the means to download the diagnostics task on to the X.25 Interface Co-Processor/2. The task microcode must have been previously downloaded to the device handler using the CIO_DNLD operation.

For the X25_DIAG_TASK operation, the arg parameter points to a x25_diag_addr structure that is used to return the load page and offset.

Execution Environment

The X25_DIAG_TASK operation can be called from the process environment only.

Return Values

A return code of -1 indicates an unsuccessful operation. If -1 is returned, the kernel sets the errno global variable to one of the following values:

EINVAL The microcode was not available to download.
ENACCES The channel was not opened in diagnostic mode. You must have appropriate authority to open a channel in diagnostic mode.
ENXIO The operation attempted to read a card that was not configured.

Implementation Specifics

The X25_DIAG_TASK operation functions with an X.25 Interface Co-Processor/2 that has been correctly configured for use on a qualified network. Consult adapter specifications for more information on configuring the adapter and network qualifications.

Related Information

The X25_DIAG_IO_READ x25sioctl operation, X25_DIAG_IO_WRITE x25sioctl operation, X25_DIAG_MEM_READ x25sioctl operation, X25_DIAG_MEM_WRITE x25sioctl operation.

The x25sioctl entry point.

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