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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

CIO_DNLD (Download Task) x25sioctl X.25 Device Handler Operation


Downloads tasks to the kernel.


Note: The CIO_DNLD operation can be called only by a user-mode process. The DKERNEL flag must be clear to run this operation.

The CIO_DNLD x25sioctl operation downloads tasks to the kernel. This routine is used to pass microcode between the configuration program and the device driver. Each call to this routine completely replaces any previous version of microcode stored in the device driver.

  1. The CIO_DNLD operation does not download the microcode to the card. It transfers the microcode into kernel memory so that the microcode is available when needed.
  2. If the microcode for real-time control microcode (RCM), X.25, or diagnostics is not available, the code pointer should be set to null and the code length set to 0.

For the CIO_DNLD operation, the arg parameter points to an x25_task structure. This structure contains the following fields:

x25_code Points to X.25 code.
rcm_code Points to RCM.
diagnostic_code Points to diagnostic code.
x25length Specifies the length of the X.25 code.
rcm_length Specifies the length of the RCM code.
diagnostic_length Specifies the length of the diagnostic code.

Execution Environment

The CIO_DNLD operation can be called from the process environment only.

Return Values

A return code of -1 indicates an unsuccessful operation. The kernel sets the errno global variable to the following value:

EFAULT Indicates that an invalid address was specified.

Implementation Specifics

The CIO_DNLD operation functions with an X.25 Interface Co-Processor/2 that has been correctly configured for use on a qualified network. Consult adapter specifications for more information on configuring the adapter and network qualifications.

Related Information

The x25sioctl device handler entry point.

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