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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

X.25 Network Subscription

The network provider must supply some information about a connection before a user can connect to the network. The network provider assigns the DTE address (NUA), the logical channel numbers, and the types of virtual circuits. Additional attributes must also match between the DTE and the network's DCE .

The network supplier provides the X.25 attachment attributes that must be used to configure the DTE for a particular network subscription. Suppliers create subscriptions based on their network conventions, DCE hardware, and customers' requirements, such as performance, number of concurrent connections, and security needs. The network attachment speed and the DCE hardware determine the adapter and interface choice, so customers should check with the network provider before making these hardware choices.

To configure an AIX DTE, the network provider should be told that the X.25 device driver requires the following attachment characteristics:

The X.25 licensed program supports CCITT up to 1988.

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