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AIX Version 4.3 Installation Guide

Creating Installation Images on a Hard Disk

Installable image files (or installation packages) can be copied to the disk for use in future installations. These image files will be copied from your installation media (tape or diskette) to a directory on the disk so that they may be installed later using the disk directory as the input device. These files will be copied to a default directory named /usr/sys/inst.images. The image files within the disk directory will be named prodname.part.level where prodname is the name of the software product or update, part is usr for the usr and root parts of a product or shr for share parts, and level is the complete version number of the product.

To use Web-based System Manager to copy software to a directory, use the following steps:

  1. To start the Web-based System Manager Software application, enter: wsm software . The Software container displays.
  2. From the Software menu, select Software Utilities > Copy Software to Directory.

Alternatively, you can use the smit bffcreate fast path, or the bffcreate command to copy an installation image.

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