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AIX Versions 3.2 and 4 Performance Tuning Guide

Chapter 7. Monitoring and Tuning Memory Use

The memory of a RS/6000 is almost always full of something. If the currently executing programs don't take up all of memory, AIX retains in memory the text pages of programs that ran earlier and the files they used. It doesn't cost anything, because the memory would be unused anyway. In many cases, the program or file pages will be used again, which reduces disk I/O.

This caching technique improves the efficiency of the system but can make it harder to determine the actual memory requirement of a workload.

This chapter describes the ways in which memory use can be measured and modified. It contains the following major sections:

Readers who are not familiar with AIX virtual-memory management may want to look at "Performance Overview of the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) " before continuing.

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