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AIX Versions 3.2 and 4 Performance Tuning Guide

Analyzing Patterns of Memory Use with BigFoot

Note: This section applies only to Version 4.1 (and later) of AIX.

The BigFoot tool is packaged as part of the Performance Toolbox for AIX. To determine whether BigFoot is available, use:

lslpp -lI perfagent.tools

If this package has been installed, BigFoot is available.

The BigFoot tool collects the memory footprint of a running program. It reports the virtual-memory pages touched by the process. BigFoot consists of two commands:

                          collects information about pages touched during the execution of a program. It generates the complete data from the run in a file named __bfrpt.
                          filters the __bfrpt file to extract the storage references made by a given process.

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