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AIX Versions 3.2 and 4 Performance Tuning Guide

pdt_config Script


Controls the operation of the Performance Diagnostic Tool (PDT).




The pdt_config script is interactive. When invoked, it displays the following menu:

# /usr/sbin/perf/diag_tool/pdt_config
 ________________PDT customization menu__________________
1) show current  PDT report recipient and severity level
2) modify/enable PDT reporting
3) disable       PDT reporting
4) modify/enable PDT collection
5) disable       PDT collection
6) de-install    PDT
7) exit pdt_config
Please enter a number: 

Menu items are selected by typing the corresponding number and pressing Enter.

The directory /usr/sbin/perf/diag_tool must be in the search path, or the script can be invoked with /usr/sbin/perf/diag_tool/pdt_config.

The pdt_config script can only be run by root .



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