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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Communications and Networks

IP Security Reference

List of Commands

gentun Creates a tunnel definition
mktun Activates tunnel definition(s)
chtun Changes a tunnel definition
rmtun Removes a tunnel definition
lstun Lists tunnel definition(s)
exptun Exports tunnel definition(s)
imptun Imports tunnel definition(s)
genfilt Creates a filter definition
mkfilt Activates filter definition(s)
mvfilt Moves a filter rule
chfilt Changes a filter definition
rmfilt Removes a filter definition
lsfilt Lists filter definition(s)
expfilt Exports filter definition(s)
impfilt Imports filter definition(s)
ipsec_convert Lists status of IP security
ipsecstat Lists status of IP security
ipsectrcbuf Lists the contents of IP security tracing buffer
unloadipsec Unloads a crypto module

List of methods

defipsec Defines an instance of IP Security for IP Version 4 or IP Version 6
cfgipsec Configures and loads ipsec_v4 or ipsec_v6
ucfgipsec Unconfigures ipsec_v4 or ipsec_v6

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