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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Understanding the InfoExplorer Information Bases

The InfoExplorer library and code are located in the /usr/lpp/info directory. In this directory are different subdirectories that contain executables, information bases, fonts, and public note storage. Following is a listing of these directories:

bin Contains executables for ASCII and graphics InfoExplorer tools. The mergenote command, used to combine groups of note files into a single file, is also located in this directory.
data Contains the ispaths file that describes the installed information bases and some system definition files, and provides storage location for public notes created. See "Creating InfoExplorer Public Notes". Also contains definition files used by InfoExplorer executables.
data/JP Contains definition files for MBCS Japanese language environment.
X11fonts/JP Contains Japanese fonts used by the InfoExplorer window interface for MBCS Japanese language environment.
notes Contains system notes if any are installed.
lib/Language Contains installed information bases for the national language specified by the Language directory name. The directory name is based on the installed language for the system. For example, on a French Canadian system the directory name would be fr_CF. The default is the name en_US on U.S. English systems.
lib/Language/library Contains additional library subdirectories within a library directory.

On a system with multiple languages installed, more than one Language directory can exist in the /usr/lpp/info/lib directory. For example, on a system that uses German and French, the information base for German can be installed in the /usr/lpp/info/lib/de_DE directory, while the information base for French is installed in the /usr/lpp/info/lib/fr_FR directory. Users can use either language by changing environment variable settings for LANG, INFOLANG, or INFOLOCALE. For more information, see "Changing InfoExplorer Languages".

Other files that are not in /usr/lpp/info include:

/usr/bin/info Contains the shell script that determines whether to invoke the ASCII or graphical version of InfoExplorer.
/usr/lib/x11/app-defaults/Info_gr Contains the application defaults file that contains system resource definitions.

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