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AIX Versions 3.2 and 4 Asynchronous Communications Guide

Removing a TTY

This procedure allows you to make a tty device unavailable and either keep its definition in the customized database or remove it from the database. To make a device unavailable is to unconfigure it. A tty device that is made unavailable but that has not been deleted from the database can be made available again with the same attributes. If the definition of the tty device has been deleted, the device cannot be made available again.


  1. A tty device must be defined to the system.
  2. The tty must be disabled. Refer to the pdisable command.

Remove TTY Using SMIT

  1. Use the smit rmtty fast path to access the TTY screen.
  2. Select the tty device you want to make unavailable or remove.
  3. Select yes to keep the definition of the tty in the database or no to remove the definition.
  4. Select Do to remove the tty device.

Remove a TTY from the Command Line

Enter the rmdev command at the command line as follows:

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