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AIX Version 4.3 Assembler Language Reference

sc (System Call) Instruction


Calls the system to provide a service.

Note: The sc instruction is supported only in the PowerPC architecture.





The sc instruction causes a system call interrupt. The effective address (EA) of the instruction following the sc instruction is placed into the Save Restore Register 0 (SRR0). Bits 0, 5-9, and 16-31 of the Machine State Register (MSR) are placed into the corresponding bits of Save Restore Register 1 (SRR1). Bits 1-4 and 10-15 of SRR1 are set to undefined values.

The sc instruction has one syntax form. The syntax form does not affect the Machine State Register.

Note: The sc instruction has the same op code as the svc (Supervisor Call) instruction.

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