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AIX Version 4.3 Assembler Language Reference

mfsrin (Move from Segment Register Indirect) Instruction


Copies the contents of the specified segment register into a general-purpose register.

Note: The mfsrin instruction is supported only in the PowerPC architecture.


mfsrin RT,RB


The mfsrin instruction copies the contents of segment register (SR), specified by bits 0-3 of the general-purpose register (GPR) RB, into GPR RT.

The mfsrin instruction has one syntax form and does not affect the Fixed-Point Exception Register. If the Record (Rc) bit is set to 1, the Condition Register Field 0 is undefined.


RT Specifies the target general-purpose register for operation.
RB Specifies the source general-purpose register for SR calculation.


The mfsrin instruction is privileged.

Related Information

The mfsr (Move from Segment Register) instruction, mfsri (Move from Segment Register Indirect) instruction, mtsr (Move to Segment Register) instruction, mtsrin or mtsri (Move to Segment Register Indirect) instruction.

Processing and Storage

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