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AIX Version 4.3 Assembler Language Reference

.file Pseudo-op


Identifies a source file name.


.file StringConstant


The .file pseudo-op provides symbol table information necessary for the use of the symbolic debugger and linkage editor. The .file pseudo-op also provides the intended target environment and source language type for the use of the link editor.

For cascade compilers, the .file pseudo-op has no other effect on assembly and is customarily inserted by the compiler.

It is recommended that the .file pseudo-op be placed at the beginning of the source code for assembly language programs. If the .file pseudo-op is omitted from the source code, the assembler processes the program as if the .file pseudo-op were the first statement. The assembler does this by creating an entry in the symbol table with the source program name as the file name. If the source is standard input, the file name will be noname. The assembler listing will not have this inserted entry.


StringConstant Specifies the file name of the original source file.


  1. To use a source file named main.c, enter:
    .file "main.c"
  2. To use a source file named asml.s, enter:
    .file "asml.s"

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