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AIX Version 4.3 Assembler Language Reference

Features of the Assembler Prior to AIX Version 3.2.5

Prior to AIX Version 3.2.5, the assembler supported the POWER architecture, a 32-bit implementation.

Assembler versions prior to Version 3.2.5 supported data alignment, block and segment definition, base register assignment, and pseudo-ops to support floating-point constants, provide symbolic-debugger information, and support other assembler operations. See the "Pseudo-ops Overview" for more information.

The assembler makes two passes through the source code while assembling a program. See "Understanding Assembler Passes" for information on assembler passes. An assembler listing is produced in the first and second pass of the assembler. This listing contains the assembler source code, as well as any errors found in either pass of the assembler. See "Interpreting an Assembler Listing" for more information.

A symbol cross-reference is available. If the -x flag is used with the as command, a symbol cross-reference file is produced. This file contains information for all symbols defined and referenced in an assembler source program. See "Interpreting a Symbol Cross-Reference" for more information.

Note: If the -x flag is used, the assembly process terminates after the first pass and does not generate any object code.

The assembler generates errors and warnings during the first and second pass. Any error terminates the assembly process, and no object code is generated. Warnings do not cause the assembly process to terminate, and the assembler still generates object code. The assembler always reports errors, but reports warnings only if the -w flag is used with the as command. Errors and warnings are described in "Appendix A. Messages".

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