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AIX Version 4.3 Assembler Language Reference

.drop Pseudo-op


Stops using a specified register as a base register.


.drop Number


The .drop pseudo-op stops a program from using the register specified by the Number parameter as a base register in operations. The .drop pseudo-op does not have to precede the .using pseudo-op when changing the base address, and the .drop pseudo-op does not have to appear at the end of a program.


Number Specifies an expression that evaluates to an integer from 0 to 31 inclusive.


The following example demonstrates the use of the .drop pseudo-op:

.using _subrA,5
        # Register 5 can now be used for addressing
        # with displacements calculated
        # relative to _subrA.
        # .using does not load GPR 5 with the address
        # of _subrA. The program must contain the
        # appropriate code to ensure this at runtime.
.drop 5
        # Stop using Register 5.
.using _subrB,5
        # Now the assembler calculates
        # displacements relative to _subrB

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