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7318 Model S20 Guide and Reference


repeater. A device that amplifies and retimes the signals received over the medium allowing transmission over longer distances.

Request For Comment (RFC) . The official specification of Internet protocols and addressing mechanisms which are published by the Network Information Center of SRI in Palo Alto, CA and take the form of requests for comment.

RFC. See Request For Comment.

root. The login name of the superuser. The superuser is the user who has the widest form of machine privileges.

router. A software service installed at a switching node that connects two or more networks, especially if they use different protocols. A gateway provides internetworking with an extended logical network by transparently attaching one or more physical networks.

routing. Dynamic, or adaptive, routing is the ability to transfer data automatically to the destination node via alternative paths consisting of one or more intermediate nodes. Routing includes the ability to ascertain available paths and to decide the best path, taking into account topology changes or node failures as they occur.

RS-232. An EIA standard for serial transmission between a computer and its peripherals. Typically limited to 50 feet, some high-quality lines can extend this limit to 200 feet. This standard defines handshaking modes and data rates.

RS-422. An EIA standard for serial transmission permitting greater distances than RS-232 by using differential signals.

RS-423. An EIA standard for serial transmission permitting greater speeds and distances than RS-232 while retaining compatibility with RS-232 and RS-422 devices.

RTS. Request to Send.

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