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R & D for PS/55 are no more available at PC DOCK. 
But here, you can DL any you want...Until FBIbm will detect.

If you have anything other than listed below ( of course relating  "pi : es go-go" ),   please send image file to me ( remove spamblock ) 

How to create image files of floppies. 
You can make image files using one of following programs with which  you can convert whole contents of floppies to image files . 

  1. VFLW ( Win95/98 Win NT/2000 )  This is for Japanese readers. Very easy to use.
  2. LOADDSKF/SAVEDSKF       (  Japanese readers can down load at VECTOR  )
  3. If you have DiskExpress, it's fine.  Trial version is here.   Or click here  to buy. 

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I'm afraid but most of following links for programs are not activated this moment.  I have deleted the files from ISP's server because whole contents has exceeded the capacity allowed to me.  If you need any files listed below, please let me  know ( need delete dot spamblock ),  I'll put them on temporally so that you can down load . 




IBM FTP site has gone away.   Ckeck following mirror site for PS/2 related files     



  R & D
   Server 320/520  MCA/PCI
   PC720 6860 ( PCI/MCA )
   PC750 6886 ( PCI/MCA)
   Other Laptops
    Audio & Video

  486 Related

Please note
  1. ZIP files will create self extracting files with EXE ( exe ) extension for R and D.
    Please run the exe file using syntax like "xxxx.exe a:" ( a: is where you put a  blank floppy ) otherwise noted.
  2. Some files are compressed in LZH format.  You need Lha.exe to extract such files.
  3. I have not tested some files stored below myself. 
    Please use files with your own responsibility.

R & D
 File   Model  Version  File Size   Remarks
 386 Class  Ref & Diag for 5530-S,T/5540-T/5550-S,T,V/
                     5570-T,V ( And probably 5545-T )   . 
 1,50  862KB   DOS/V  Ref & Diag for 5530/5540/5545/5550/5570  1.36  839KB   JDOS
 40REF135.EXE  Ref for 5540-T                             P/N 79F2502  1.35  567KB   JDOS
 Ref for 5530/5540/5550/5570   386DX .  1.31   JDOS
 30Tstart.exe  Start Diskette for 5530-T  1.10     JDOS 
 30SRE126.EXE  Ref & Diag for 5530Z-SX                    P/N  57F0058  1.26     JDOS
 ST30Z100.EXE  Start Diskette for 5530Z-SX               P/N  38F6998  1.00     JDOS 
 ** Reference diskette for 5530-S/T, 5540-T, 5545-T, 5550-S/T/V, 5570-T/V  (  386 series )
        Versions 1.00 to 1.2x are basically system dependent. Based on JDOS. 
        Versions 1.3x covers all models. Based on JDOS.
        Versions higher than 1.40 are based on DOS/V and covers all models.
        Not sure if Ver.1.50 covers 5550-V2 or not.

 ** For non-Japanese,  you 'd better use 3070V150 if you have any of designated system.  Ref & Diag for 5530-U/V   1.21/1.02  782KB   DOS/V
 ( 30u102d.exe )    Diag for 5530-U/V                           P/N 54G1674   1.02
   Ref  for 5530-U  1.10    
 30v100v.exe  Ref Diskette/V for 5530-V  1.00  DOS/V
 5530w113.exe  Ref  for 5530-W ( including XGA-1 option )  1.13    DOS/V
 5510sre.exe  Ref  for 5510-S  DOS/V
 5510tref.exe  Ref  for 5510-T      DOS/V
 5510zref.exe  Ref  for 5510-Z  DOS/V  Ref/Diag  5535-S0 Ver.1.5  1.5 @  DOS/V
 5545r133.exe  Ref  for 5545 ( P-70/386 JP version j P/N 65F0046  1.33  JDOS
 5545UTL.EXE  5545 Utility Diskette                           P/N 64F8330  1.00    
 REFSPPL.exe  Reference Diskette /V Supplement      P/N 07G3119   1.00
 486 Class  Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y  Ver.1.00   1.00  874KB  Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y  Ver.1.0P   1.01  Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y  Ver.1.11    1.11  920KB  Wierd  Ref & Diag for 5530-L, 5551-R/L, 5521-Y  Ver.1.21   1.21  856KB  Ref & Diag for 5530-L, 5551-R/L, 5521-Y  Ver.1.10   1.10   852KB  
 51R_fup.lzh  BIOS FLASH Up formodel 5551-R ( for PODP )   1.30  539KB
 51R_dig.lzh  Diagnostic Diskette for PODP Flashed 5551R   1.24  423KB  
 51W113R.EXE  Reference Diskette for 5551-W/W2   1.13  713KB
 60W111R.EXE  Reference Diskette for 5560-W1/W2  ODP Ready   1.11  703KB
 60W0_110,EXE  Reference Diskette for 5560-W0   1.10  749KB
 60W0120R.EXE  Reference Diskette for 5560-W0   1.20  695KB  Not tested  Ref & Diag Type-B Upgrade ( for 5560-N )   1.00  854KB  Type B
 80y121r.EXE  Reference Diskette for 5580-Y   1.21  721KB  
 80W111R.EXE  Reference Diskette  5580-W P23T Support    1.11  Ref & Diag for Type-A Upgrade ( 5580 & 5560 )   1.00  917KB  Type A
 References and Diags for 9595/9585/8595 are omitted . These are still available at US IBM FTP 
PS/55E  5538
 38videosp.exe  5538 Video Support Diskette  ( VESA.EXE included )   1167KB  
 38util_1.exe  5538 Utility Diskette  # 1     641KB
 38util_2.exe  5538 Utility Diskette  # 2     604KB  
 hbaf55.lzh  TP750/755C Audio Driver  ( CS4248KL )   1.40 1092KB
IBM PC Server 320/520  MCA/PCI models
 rfpcimca.exe  Reference Diskette for Server 320/520 PCI/MCA   2.07  726KB  
 rdpcimca.exe  Diagnostic Diskette for Server 320/520 PCI/MCA  5.30  289KB
 4227103.exe  8640 System Board Diagnostics (PCI/MCA )  1.13    PC Server720
 33l3917.exe  320/520 Micro Channel BIOS Flash Update Disk   29A
 3313917.txt  Readme for BIOS Flash 29A      
 mcantsmp.exe  320/520 NT SMP Support Diskette for MC version   1.01
 m84h4257.exe  320/520 NT Support Disk for CirrusLogic 5436 Video   1.01    
IBM PC720 6860 ( PCI/MCA ) Related Files
 720r101.exe  Reference Diskette   1.01    Japanese
 720d101.exe  Diagnostic Diskette                                  84G7602    1.01  
 720u101.exe  UtilityDiskette                                         84G7622   1.01    Japanese
 720s101.exe  Support Diskette                                     84G7604    1.01  Japanese
   Video Support for OS/2  (S3-V864)      Japanese
 Video Support for Windows iS3-V864)  Japanese
 pc720sp.lzh  BIOS Flash up for PC720 6860 ( PODP )   1.10  484KB  Japanese
 6860ref.lzh  Reference Diskette for PODified 6860   1.10  888KB  Japanese
 6860dig.lzh  Diagnostic Diskette for PODified 6860   1.11  581KB  Japanese
IBM PC750 6886 ( PCI/MCA) Related Files  Ref & Diag for PC750 6886 ( PCI/MCA )   1.00  959KB  Japanese
 n2mt28a.exe  Reference  Diskette for 6876/86  715KB  English
 687686DG.EXE  Diagnostic Diskette for 6876/86    263KB  English
 n2jt50a.exe  BIOS FLASH for 6886/6876  v50a
 n2jt52a.exe  BIOS FLASH for 6886/6876   v52a  
 n2jt52a.txt  Readme for BIOS v52a
 50AQ523.EXE  QaPlusPro DIAG Ver. 5.23 for 68XX   5.23  693KB  English 
 00QA542.EXE  QaPlusPro DiaG Ver.5.42B for PC300/700 series   5.42B  739KB  English
ThinkPad TP720C Related Files  Ref & Diag for TP720C    1.283KB  Japanese
 r720c120.exe  Ref Disk: TP720C  1.20  English
 dg720120.exe  Diagnostic Disk: TP720C   1.20    English
 pctpx130.exe  PCMCIA Disk :   TP720C   1.3  English
   Wanted   Ref& Diag for C52 486SLC    
Other Laptops ( PS/55Note )
 5523R.EXE  Ref Disk: PS/55Note N23SX  5523-S1/S2/SV/SA
 Attention: this is for 16MHz model
 1.00  653KB  Japanese
 5523strt.exe  Start Diskette for 5523 N23SX          P/N07G3763  1.01  Japanese
    Wanted   Ref Disk for N23 ( 5523-S0/SJ ) 12MHz model  Ref Disk:  PS/55Note N51SLC ( # 1 & # 2 )  761KB  Japanese
    Wanted   Ref Disk for N51sx       
 555BJutil.exe  TP555BJ Utility                               P/N  66G1298  1.01  Japanese
 555BJvid.exe  TP555BJ PCMCIA/VGA Support       P/N  66G8722  1.00    Japanese

  File   Description    File Size  RMKS
 XGA2OPTJ.EXE  XGA2 Option Diskette, Japanese    231KB  Japanese
 XGA2OPTE.EXE  XGA2 Option Diskette, English  921KB  English
 PS55EXST.EXE  Option Disk for Personal Storage PS/55 note     129KB   720KB FD
 pctpx130.exe  EZPLAY for  PCMCIA   1.30  511KB  PCMCIA Driver for MCA  (  Dated Sep.1993 )    74KB  
 5250126.EXE  5250 Option Diskette                   P/N 65X9094  1.26  2DD
 R5250100.EXE  Remote 5250 Adapter /A             P/N 23F3996  1.00  2DD  
 5250 PCM1
   5250 PCM2      
 3270 Option Diskette
 35FD200.exe  1.2MB Diskette Support Program   2.01   2DD  
 35FD121.exe  1.2MB Diskette Support Program   1.21  2DD
 525FDD100.exe  External 5.25" FDD /A                 P/N 79F5348  1.00    
 pcmcia101.exe  PCMCIA Adapter /A                    P/N  54G0521  1.01  2DD
 2_8memexp.exe  2-8MB Memory Expansion /A       P/N  23F3242  1.0  2DD  JDOS
 IBMenet.exe  PS/55 Network Adapter /A          P/N  35G2811
           10Base2/5 & 10Base5/T
 1.24  2DD
 IBM FWSR PCI RAID /A for PC320/520 ( DAC960P/PD )  Mylex drivers
 fwpd273.exe  DAC960P/PD firm ware update 2.38 to 2.73  2.73  178KB
 swkit200.exe  DAC960P/PD/PL drivers ( DOS,OS/2,NT )  5.08MB
 WIN95KIT.ZIP  DAC960P/PD/PL Win95 beta driver kit.  DOS drive for Win95 install
 IBM First/Wide  RAID  ( Pass Play )  without External Port. Use FWSR utility for RAID config.
 raid199a.exe  SR Flash BIOS   1.99    
 IBM First/Wide Streaming Raid ( Cheetah ) with an External Port. 
 4305333.exe  FWSR Flash BIOS 2.21  2.21  315KB  
 430533.txt  FWSR Flash BIOS Readme 
 4227110.exe  FWSR Option Disk, #1 ver. 2.31  2.31    
 4227111.exe  FWSR Option Disk, #2 ver. 2.31  2.31
 4227110.txt  Readme for FWSR Option Disks       

Audio & Video
 File  Contents  File Size  RMKS
 VGA256.EXE  VGA256C.sys  For TP720C    254KB  
 700c120.exe  TP720C Video Driver   1.2  249KB
 aftps140.exe  TP750/755C Audio Driver  ( CS4248KL )  1.4  828KB  English
 hbaf55.lzh  TP750/755C Audio Driver  ( CS4248KL )  1.4  1092KB  Japanese
 tp750aud.exe  TP750 Audio driver for Win3.1 & OS2  1.3  795KB  English
 Wanted !  Win/V  by  CFC

File Name  Contents Size Written by
 5x86REGE.ZIP  Exel file to determine HEX value for ET586  8.61KB Pseudonym F355
 5x86reg.lzh  Same as above ( original exel file writen in Japanese 8.92KB Nifty ID: F355
 ET9603.EXE *1  Evergreens Cache enabler ET586 for Cyrix 5x86 and other
 related programs ( Including ETDIAG.exe )
 Also contains cache enabler for DOS, OS/2 Warp and NT.
623KB Evergreen Tech
 5x86c2.ZIP  Cache Enabler for Cyrix 5x86
 Contains cache enabler for DOS, OS/2 Warp
18 KB Peter Moss
 SGS4191.PDF  Data Book of TI5x86 ( and Cyrix5x86 ) 326 KB SG Thomson  Unknown. KB IBM

 *1 Execute the file with  -d ( or /d ) option to create a complete install diskette with sub directories.

486 Related
File Name Contents Size Written by
 REVto486.EXE   Associated utility of  REV to 486.
  For IBM486SLC/BL. Ver.2.0
  May work for 386DX2+ ( TI486SLC ) though not yet
226 KB Evergreen
 CX486slc.EXE Cache Enabler for Cyrix CX486SLC with 1 KB L1  137 KB Evergreen
 MAKE486.EXE Cache Enabler for Make it 486 Upgrade ( TI486SXL2 ) 207 KB Improve it Tech

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