Video/Japanese Display Adapter
                                                   For High Quality Japanese Fonts
     AVEC Series
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 Display Adapter II
 Display Adapter III
 Display Adapter IV
 Display Adapter V
     BVEC Series
 Display Adapter B
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           DBCS Series
 DBCS Display Adapter /J
 DBCS Display Adapter /NI-J

High quality Japanese Fonts on a screen. That's what IBM Japan pursued for from beginning.
IBM PC started with MDA, Monochrome Display Adapter ( 720x350 text only ) and CGA, Color Graphics Array ( 640 x200 2 colors ) in 1981.
In order to handle Japanese Kanji characters, Japanese PC manufacturers developed their own video systems.
Most of the manufacturers used 640 x400 dots resolution using 16 x 16dots kanji fonts and those video systems were "company specific" and were not compatible with each other.  " Incompatibility among each hardwares" required company specific MS-DOS too. There were various versions of Japanese MS-DOS which could be used solely for specific PC.
IBM Japan decided to use high quality fonts in 24 x24 dots for their PC, IBM Multi-Station series,  and it required 1024 x 768 high resolution.  ( IBM Japan also used 16 x 16 dots fonts for entry class models and these were designed for 720 x 512 dots resolution.)
Non-abliviated Kanji fonts in 24 x 24 dots were really beautiful and basic concept about treatment of Japanese characters and video system of Multi-Station series had been carried over to PS/55 Display Adapter II and the video mode was called as PS/55 High Resolution mode.  IBM DOS J4.0 ( usually refereed as JDOS ) was one of above mentioned company specific MS-DOS which was modified by IBM Japan to be used solely for PS/55s with PS/55 Display Adapters. 

1981 1982 1983 1984 1987 1990
IBM US MDA CGA ---- ---- ----> EGA  ----> VGA   &   8514/A  --> XGA
2C, 4C
IBM JP Multistation 5550 ------ ----> PS/55 D/A  ---- --> XGA
16C, 256C
NEC & NEC PC9801 ---> ------ ----> AX JEGA ------ --> VGA DOS/V
Others 640x400

AVEC Series 

PS/55 Japanese Display Adapters in Avec series were developed for 1st generation of PS/55s such as 5570 and 5550 386ers which had  VGA chip on their planar. 

  Display Adapter  ( LEO,  is the code name for the card ? ) 
  P/N  ?
  Double Decked Card prepared for 5570-S. Don't have enough information about this adapter. 

Display Adapter II   ( AVEC ) 

P/N 38F4650 (  My memorandum shows different P/N  94X1649 for  DA II )
This adapter  came with 5550-S/T.    512KB VIDEO RAM  on the PCB .  additional  512KB VIDRAM  can be added through connector J1. 

Display adapter III   ( AVEC )    P/N  64F8907

Display Adapter- IV  ( AVEC ) P/N 38F7016 
P/N 38F7016 ( Also different P/N 79F5417 is written in my log file )

Stock Video Adapter for 5530-Z ( and probably for 5530-T ) 
Seems there are two types of  IV adapter.  Optional 512KB VRAM can be added through connector J2.
Different P/N for optional VRAM are available. One is 38F7075 and the other is 64F9668.

This adapter has VGA chip ( 90X8941) but the connector is AVE.
When I noticed VGA chip on the card I thought this one was BVE card because 5530-T/S didn't have VGA  chip on the planar.  Strange card this one is.



Display adapter V   ( AVEC ) 
  P/N 56F7520
  Stock Display adapter for  5551-S1/T1/V1 and 5571-V1 


U1   FONT 94X1320 
U2   38F4782 PG /TC110G38AF 
U3   56F7478 PV /TC110G38CG 
U4   38F4782 PG /TC110G38AF 
U5   56F7478 PV /TC110G38CG 
U7-13, 17- 48:  65X2554  (41465 ZIP) 
U14  56F7477 PD /TC110G38AF 
U15  54F7479 PC /TC110G17AF
U16  DAC 83X3208
J1 60PIN Connector for adtional VRAM
J2 40PIN connector
ZIP RAM below J21 65X2554


BVEC Series

  Display Adapter  B
  I myself have not seen this card. 

Display adapter B-II   ( BVEC ) 
  Older Version ( with ZIP type RAM ) 
  P/N  79F2159
  FRU  ?

  Stock video adapter for 5541-T(386-20), 5561-W( 486-33),  5580-Y,  ( and probably for 5551-Vxx )


U1 VGA-FP 90X8941 
U2 - U25   41465 ZIP 
U27- U34  41465 ZIP 
VRAM ( VGA ) M5M4464AL 
U48  DAC 83X3028 
U51  PG144-FP 38F4782PG 
U52  PV144-FP 56F7478PV 
U53  PG144-FP 38F4782PG
U54  PV144-FP 56F7478PV
U55  PD144-FP 56F7477PD
U56  PC144-FP 56F7479PC
U57  FONT 94X1320
Y1   25.175MHz 
Y2   28.322MHz
Y3   45.570MHz
Y4   45.570MHz
Y5   47.424MHz 
ZIP RAM beside Y3  65X2554 x8
J1    Solder pads( Poss for VRAM 
        EXPANSION )
J2    Video Output

Display Adapter B-II 
   Newer Version. 
  P/N  79F5413
  FRU ?


U1-U7 MHS511665JP8
U8-U9 TC511664J-10 
U10    VGA 90X8941 
U12    ROS 79F5421
U14    HM511664JP8 
U15    HM511664JP8 
U18    HM511665JP8
U19   39F4782PG/TC110G38FG 
U20   56F7478PV/TC110G38CG 
U21   38F4782/TC110G38AF 
U22   56F7478/ TC110G38CG
U23  79F5427 PD7/TC140G37AF
U24  54F7479 PC/TC110G17AF
Y5    47.424
J2     Video Output
Y1    25.175
Y2    28.322
Y3    58.000
Y4    45.570
Y5    47.424

DBCS Series 
DBCS series were sold with newer desktop 486ers such as 5551-N/Y/R/L, 5530-L, 5521-Y. 
It is told that DBCS adapter family ( this one and Adapter/NI-J listed below ) were designed to keep compatibility with PS/2 systems.  I'm not sure if these adapter don't need MONCHK.EXE when these are installed on PS/2s.
At least AVEC family ( Adapter-II/III/V ) should be used with MONCHK.EXE in autoexec.bat when these are used with PS/2 systems.

DBCS Display  Adapter/J 
  P/N  49G2000
  FRU 07G0446
  Stock video card for 5551-N/Y. 


U1-7  1M W/B  HM511665JP8
U8-9  1M B/W  HM511664JP8
U10   Video 34G3196
U11   79F5427 PD7 /TC140G37AF
U12/15 1M  B/W HM511664JP8 
U13   1M  ROS  79F5424 
U16   DAC Unable to identify 
           ( heat sink is glued )
U17   1M W/B  HM511665JP8 
U18   38F4782 PG/TC110G38AF
U19   56F7478 PV/TC110G38CG
U20   38F7482 PG/TC110G38AF
U21  Unable to identify 
        heat sink is glued atop of the chip
U22  06G6722/BUSCON
Y1    45.570
Y2    58.000
Y3    47.424
Y4    25.175
Y5    28.322
Y6    41.5390
J1    Video Output

DBCS Display Adapter/NI-J 
  P/N  54G1464
  FRU 54G1463

  The last Japanese Display Adapter equipped in 5551-R/L and 5521-Y1B.
  "NI" stands for "Non-Interlaced". 


U1-2   HM511664JP8
U3      662G8275/HN62418FZ10
U4-5   TC51664BJ-80
U6-7   76G9119 
U8      66G9060PGV2/TC6217TF 
U9-10 76G9119 
U11    ICS 9412 9128-42CW16 
U12    34G3155 
U13  54G1466
U14  79F5427/TC140G37AF 
U15  06G6722
U16  INMOS IMSG176J-80
U18  Adapter ROM 85G7137
J1    Video Output

Win95 and Japanese Display Adapter
Win 3.1J driver for PS/55 display adapter family could be used on Win95 in  1024x768 16 color 
resolution  but  it's S-L-O-W.  Basically these adapters are for  DOS ( and Win 3.1 ) operation.
For Japanese Readers, please see How to use PS/55 Display adapter family under Win95.

Installing PS/55 Display Adapter DA-J on  PS/2
Basically Japanese Display Adapters were designed to be used with IBM Japan's specialized JDOS.
It was told that  PS/55 DA with AVEC connector could not be used with PS/2.  BVEC family and  DA-J family could  be used in PS/2.  I'm not sure about this issue but I once used *some* card with 8570 25MHz planar. I don't remember exactly which card I used.  Anyway  in order to use Japanese D/A *compatible* with PS/2,  you need some trick to get color signal correctly. Click here for the trick.


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