990729    6860  PC720

As you know  there  is a strange L2 cache socket on Reply PowerBoards. It was told that the memory access was slow on Powerboard and  L2 cache would solve it and boost system performance. 
I don't know logic but I do love to populate if there is any empty socket, slots and so on. Thus I wanted L2 cache which could be used for  M70/M80 PowerBoard.

One of the forum member reported that he could use a "L2 SuperCache", a genuine part for PC720, on his M70.   PC720, a nice little machine with PCI/MCA slot and additional PCMCIA /A.    I really did not wanted to buy or get MCA systems any more.   I had to left space for future coming 9595. 

Trolled around Akihabara as usual.  At a PC surplus shop I found a 6860-J4G.  Price tag said  JY2,000.   A store clerk kindly opened it thus I could confirm L2 cache was there.  Didn't want the body but really wanted  the cache module.   I paid money for the system.

Back in home,  I tested the system a while. For detail please see PC720 page.  Lovely machine it was.  Low profile, space saving, PODP ready, S3 SVGA and EIDE.... If I could find an appropriate CD-ROM drive it would be a nice machine for BBS connection  instead of the 5560, " Big Battle".

I pulled out the L2 cache module and set it in M80 PowerBoard to see if it would work or not. As the reporter told,  SuperCache worked fine on my M80 PowerBoard. 

   To keep the module in the PowerBoard or to use PC720 with the module,  That was the problem.

Few days latter PC720 took the place  on my desk.  Loaded  a 2G HD drive ( 700KB for system, 800KB for data and the rest of 500KB was left unpartitioned  because there were bunch of bad sectors/clusters in the drive. ) , installed Win95B and PC Card Director for PCMCIA /A,  popped a 28.8Kbps modem card into PCMCIA slot, populated 4x SIMM slots with 16MB SIMMs,  PC720 became a nice tool for accessing Nifty BBS. 

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