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MCAMAFIA ; Top level of Peter Wendt's web site
   Microchanel  Enthusiast ; This is the starting page of you MCA life. 
   The Blue Book page ;       Type-4 P-90 upgrade .
   BlackBird ( IronGate ) ;     Making of netfinity 95 with Type-3 50MHz complex. 

9595 Ardent Tool of Capitalism ; Tons of  PS/2 info maintained by Louis Ohland  
                          Please check bottom of this page for mirror sites of original Arden Tools.

Mad Max page ;  Created by Tam ;  including MMX233 upgrade for P-90 complex 

The PS/2 Page ;  By Dennis Smith.  Peter says "Contains sorted links down to IBM minotaurian 
                             ftp-labyrinth of reference, diagnostic and option disks" 

Tavi PS/2 Page ; By Bob Eager; Get his IDMCA there. 
                         If you have Reply Upgrade,  check  Files for Reply hardware
Just Another Freekin' Web Page; Useful Thought about Mod. 95 FAN and "Y" complex Upgrade maintained  by Jim Shorney.

Allen Brandt's Mocha Java;  Watch his hottest 9595 with MMX233

PS/2 and PC Server Compendium ;  All of PS/2 and Servers, in a word, British version of  "Ardent Tools"  maintained by Tim Clark.

WTC Computers CollectionMaintained by William Walsh

PS/2 Archive ; Usenet Archives contains articles since 1990 !  Maintained by Pete Backhouse.
                     FTP server
contains reference of AIX 1.3 for PS/2  and others.

IBM Canada ; For Vintage IBM PC,  I mean PS/2

Electric Pockt Reference Manual ; EPRM 

IBM Multistation 5550  Japanese version  published 2003.01.13
                                    English version  published 2003.01.15
   This is the the first and the only site dedicated to Multistation 5550 series,  IBM  Japan's personal
    computers for business market ( non-MCA,  totally different architecture from PC AT/XT ) 
    sold before PS/55.  The pages war maintained by Mr.Tahara

IBM Japan Personal Computer  ; Personal computer line up by IBM JAPAN

ThinkPad Shiryo-Kan ;  Sorry but this web site is written in Japanese which is maintained by Mr. Bato, a  real  ThinkPad lover. 

Mirror Site for Ardent Tools of Capitalism 
   You can see original pages of  "9595 Ardent Tool of Capitalism " by Louis Ohland which is now mirrored at
   various sites held by following guys. 
   Bob Eager , Wiliiam Walsh???  ( Is this site kept by Bob Eager, too ?) , Kevin Bowling  and more...



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