Model 5560 

5560-W1B with  "kit W2B"

 Pictures for Processor complexes stored in this page are originally created by 
     Louis  Frederick Ohland.   You can see original pictures for  PS/2 complexes 
at   Louis's  complex page



General Information
5560 Planar
Model Types 
Inner View 


Processor Complex
W0 Complex
W1/2 Complex
DX2/66 Up Grade ( Type B )
CPU upgrade
Complex upgrade
Configuraing F/W SCSI-2 /A


General information
5560-W, the first desktop model with 486 class CPU, was introduced to the market on Oct. 1990 together with 5580-Y. 
5560  uses same base/outer case with PS/2  Mod. 90, ( 8590 or 9590 )  but  the planar  and  the processor
complexes are different from 8590 and 9590. Main differences are as follows.
  • 5560 doesn't use memory riser card.
  • Two MCA BUS slots are prepared in stead of memory riser connector.
  • SIMM sockets are directly mounted on the planar
  • XGA video is not ready on the planar.
  • Power connectors are not Edge Card type.
5560 Planar 
All types of 5560 use same planar. 

J1   serial port 
J2   Parallel port 
J3   Mouse 
J4   K/B 
J5   Processor complex
J6   Power on pass word 
J7   BVE 32-bit slot 
J8   AVE 32-bit slot
J9/J10 32-bit slot 
J11/12  32-bit slot
J13  Power 
J23  Power 
J24  FDD connector 
J26  Solder pads 
J27  Solder pads 
J28  PWR/LED connector 
J30  SP 
Y1   40.00MHz
Y2   22.1148MHz
Y4   14.318MHz 
Y5   24MHz
U20  57F2188 
U28  64F0942 
U43  N82077AA 
U52  22V10-25  35F3798
U57  DSKBOOT  64F3110
F1   2A
F2   3A
F3   5A
      J11 &  J12  are not for SIMM risers but they are usual 32-bit MCA slots. 
      SCSI /A with cache is initially installed at J12.
      Japanese Display Adapter B-II ( or XGA-2 ) is placed at J7.

      Power connector
      Edge card power connector is not used on this planar.  J13/J23 are pin type connectors to which
      female connectors from PSU are plugged. 

  As described in    At a glance page,  there are 4 types of  5560. 

       5561-W0x ;  486DX25        You'll have enough time for cigarettes and a cup of  coffee or two until 
                                                    the machine finish memory count  if you have filled all SIMM socket with
                                                    8MB SIMM. 
        5561-W1x ;  486SX25        Memory count is faster than -W0x. 
        5561-W2x ;  486DX2-50     Most likely the complex is  same with  -W1x. 
        5561-Nxx  ;  486DX2-66     Supper charged 5560 with a Type-B DX2-66 upgrade platform. 

W08,  W0B,  W0C
W18, W1B, WYA, WYB
W28, W2B, WA8, WAB
4MB ( 70ns)
4MB ( 8MB for WAx )
1MB ( PS/55 Display Adapter )   B-2 ?
3.5" x1 ( 1.44MB/720KB )
Last digit of type code indicates HD capacity ( 8; 80MB, B; 160MB, C; 360MB )
 Option Slots ( for users )
 32bit full size x3 , 32bit half size x1
 Storage bay 
Dimension ( mm )
 440( W ) x 430 ( D ) x 140 ( H )
Weight ( Kg )
AC Input 
 AC100--120V 50/60Hz,  215W ( MAX )
OS installed
WYx; S/2 J2.0 & DOS J5.0 WAx; S/2 J2.0 & DOS J5.0

NYB *1
16MB ( 70ns)
1MB ( PS/55 Display Adapter )   B-2 ?
3.5" x1 ( 2.88MB/1.44MB/720KB )
Option Slot ( for User )  32bit full size x3 , 32bit half size x1  32bit full size x2, 32bit half size x1
Storage bay ( for user )
Dimension ( mm )
 440( W ) x 430 ( D ) x 140 ( H )
Weight ( Kg )
AC Input 
 AC100--125V 50/60Hz , 194W( MAX ) 
OS installed
OS/2 J2.0 & DOS J5.0 OS/2 J2.0 & MCADAM OS/2 J2.0 & MCADAM

    *1 NYB :  OS/2 model
    *2 NMB : MCADAM/2 ( CAD software ) included .  ASYNC TTL /Adapter is included. 
    *3 NMY : MCADAM/2 upgrade version.  ASYNC TTL/Adapter is included 

8 x 72pin SIMM sockets are directly mounted on the planar.
True parity 8MB/70ns SIMMs are mandatory for -W1, -W2 and  -N complex. 
For W0 complex,  80ns SIMMs are standard and must be used in matched pair. 
For W0/W1 models,  reference  Ver. 1.11 is required to use RAM's more than 16MB. 

No video chip is  ready on the planar.  PS/55 Display Adapter B-2 ( BVE with VGA chip )  is used  for 5560. 
5560 doesn't have XGA chip on the planar. 
AVE 32-bit slot locates beside complex riser in addition to BVE slot which is already occupied with D/A B-2. 

Genuine SCSI /A with cache 
A stock SCSI /A for -W1/W2 models  is, unlike 8590,  half  length 32 bit adapter with AT like 50 pin header . 
ADF is usual @8eff  ( 32Bit with cache ).  SCSI micro code set is  64F4376/4377.  See outline   HERE.
16 bit SCSI /A was used for W0 model but I don't  know if it was a long uncached card or short uncached card.

5560-N model was equipped with a short length SCSI  Adapter II/A (32bit) with 512KB cache  (  which is IDed as  06G6760 in sales leaflet and  I think the part might be ether  35G2818 or 07G3063. )

Inner View  ( click image to enlarge )
Photos below are inner view of my 5561-W1B with Type-B Upgrade processor complex.
Half sized caching SCSI /32A with  50 pin header was changed to a short caching SCSI /A -II/32A with new    micro code set.
    You can see an AM5x86-133 on an interposer with a short height heat sink which runs in 160MHz inner
speed ( No CPU fan but fresh air blows out from the front fan  ). 
   Pic #1  ( click pic to get JPEG,  63KB )

Adapters  (  from top )
   J9   ;  Madge Smart Ringnode MC32
   J7   ;  XGA2
   J10 ;  ACPA
   J8   ;  Intel Fax/Modem Adapter
   J5   :  Processor complex DX2/66 Up Grade Type-B
   J11 ;  vacant
   J12 ;  Short Cached SCSI with new Microcode

Close view of CPU #1

Close view of CPU #2

  Pic #2  ( click pic to get JPEG,  84KB )

Close View ; SIMM and Power Connectors
   You can pull the PSU upward and then swing it down to 
   right side like Mod. 95.

   You can see Power connection is different from 
   PS/2 Mod.90.

   Tall height SIMMs are not good for 5560.
   Needs clearance between SIMM and the PUS. 

Processor complex  for 5560 ( please see comparing chart 
Following complexes can only be used with 5560 planar  except W0 complex which can be used for  5580  if  you want. 

W0 ;  P/N 79F0087,  80486DX-25MHz. 

Seemed to be a Modified Type 1- J.  256K cache card available. No overdrive socket prepared. 
This complex can take 31 MHz OSC without any change of BIOS.  The Board design is same with 5580-Y complex. BIOS P/N are same each other but just the board P/N and  FUR and OSC are different ( 5580-Y0 uses 33.3MHz OSC ). 

          * Original image was outlined by Louis F. Ohland

W1 ; P/N 07G0460  FUR 95F4299,  80486SX-25MHz. 
         Modified Type H.   486SX CPU is loaded on the main socket ( U8 ) and an overdrive socket is
         placed  right  next to the main socket.   Memory count  is faster than W0 complex. 
         No L2 cache available. 

        * Original image was outlined by Louis F. Ohland * 

W2 ; P/N 07G3153 
       ( amended on 2003.05.04)

       My machine is labeled as "5561-W1B" and has a sticker  "KIT-W2B". 

       KIT-W2B description.
       A sticker  "P/N 07G3153"  and REA number is attached right on the area ( the solder side of  U8, 
       80486DX socket) where P/N is silk screened on a W1 complex. 
       Also there is a " MPU Upgrade" sticker attached on the blue lock lever of the complex board. 

       Earlier W2x models were shipped with an i486SX-25 loaded on socket U8 and a 486-25/50 upgrade
       option  ( ID#06G7015 ) on socket U9.   Latter models were shipped with i486DX2-50 loaded alone on
       the socket U9.   W1 and W2 complexes are "same"  each other.

       U6 Variants from Louis's page
         " Some Type-2 (92F0079) suffer from an "incompetent DMA-chip", which is P/N 92F1428 at 
            position U6/GA-M on the card. Working Type-2s 92F0079 have a DMA-chip P/N 10G7808 
            at U6/GA-M. If U6/GA-M is 10G7808 a Turbochip should work fine. 
            The earlier Type-2 use the 92F1428 -  which ends the experiment in odd results  (permanent 
            I9990044, 605 FDD errors, permanent 165 errors and inability to read from  FDD). " 

         But  Japanese " KIT-W2B"  with U6 P/N 92F1428 works fine with ; 
           1). DX4ODP-75 with 486SX25 on the 1st socket. 
           2). DX2-66 alone on the 2nd  socket ( 50MHz inner clock  operation ) 
           3). DX4-100 on an  interposer with VRM alone on the 2nd socket. 
           4). am5x86 or Cyrix 5x86 ( with voltage interposer )on the 2nd socket. 

       There is no significant difference between Type 2 H in Louis's page and above PS/55-W1/W2 
       complex.  The board P/N ( or FRU ? ) and the BIOS P/N are just different. 

N ; P/N 35G2951  FRU 35G2765  80486DX2-66MHz 
         A variant of  Type 2- L? 
         No support for SyncroStreaming Data transfer. 
         Originally equipped in Model 556-N which was introduced to the market in Sep.1992. 
         The complex is also referred as DX2-66 UpgradeType-B .

          * Original GIF image was outlined by Louis F. Ohland * 

         There is no over drive socket on this complex.  At the position of  U9 of W1/2  complex, 
         N complex has solder pads. 
         DMA controller chip U6 is 34G3517 for N and 92F1428  for W1/2.

         At least there are 2 versions of  this complex.  While I replaced the OSC to  80MHz,  I noticed
         that copper traces around solder side of OSC were different, and found one board has a chip
         resister and the other doesn't.  Both complexes worked fine with 80MHz  OSC with  modified
         BIOS ROM. 

         All complexes of model 5560  including N complex use EPROM. 
         Streaming data transfer feature is not supported on all 5561 complexes. 

CPU upgrade
   For Wxx, DX4ODP-75 can be used. You can use DX4ODP-100  but it runs in 75MHz  inner speed.

   N model can take DX4-100,  AMD and  Cyrix  with an appropriate VRM interposer which supplies 
   3.3v - 3.45v.  As N complex has it's CPU socket at the front edge,  it's difficult to use a thick heat
   sink with a cooling fan in regular size.  As far as you use blue plastic air guide properly,  your CPU
   will get  fresh air flow from the front fan. 

Complex upgrade
   60-W0/W1 can be replaced to -W2 or  -N complex, 
   60-W2 can be replaced to -N complex. 

   60-W1/W2 complexes can be used for 5580.  Associated REF/DIAG for 5560 could not be used
   in this case.  REF/DIAG for 5580-Wxx should be used together with. 

   5580 with 60-W0 complex with 5580-Y REF/DIAG    ==>  No equivalent model exist but works fine. 
   5580 with 60-W1 complex with 5580 -W REF/DIAG ==>  5580-W0x
   5580 with 60-W2 complex with 5580-W REF/DIAG  ==>  5580-W2x

My 5561-W1x ( upgraded with 60-N complex )
    64MB of RAM,  BIOS modified N complex with 80MHz OSC,  am5x86  running  x4 speed, 
    ATI-GUP,  Madge Ringnode MC32,  Genuine IBM SCSI /32A with cache,  650MB+1G hard drive,
    Hitachi made x2 CD-ROM without bezel. 

F/W SCSI-2 /A  in 5561 

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