Model  5540  ( 386 class ) 

PS/55 5540-T

General information
  Hard Disk interface

General information
5541 was released after 5550-S/T/V and it looks like PS/2 Mod. 53.  ( I do not know the inside  layout of  Mod.53 ).   This machine can not take any Display Adapters other than Display Adapter B-II  for it's video sub-system. 

 Ref. Ver. 1.00 to Ver.1.36 are based on JDOS.
 Ref.Ver higher than 1.4x are based on DOS/V.
 Ver. 1.50 covers most of of all 386 models such as 5550-S/T/V, 5570-T/V, 5540-T, 5530-T. 

Display Adapter B-2 was used for this model. VGA chip is not provided on the planar.  2003.02.27

Noticed that a Display adapter  seen in the piture is not a B-II  but more looks like V ( AVEC ). 
Don't know if it is a B ( BVEC ) or any other kind of AVEC family.

  (  PS/55Z 5510-T which is very simmular to 5540 can be configured with XGA /A.  ) 

  Capacity       P/N 
  2MB            23F3270, 59F9046, 79F2566 
  4MB            79F2536, 
  8MB            79F2500

Hard Disk interface
  Same as 8570, ESDI ( roughly speaking ). 

Planar ( 386DX-20MHz )

  5540-T planar

 Outline was drawen and donated by Mr. Tahara ( a member off
 FIBMJ # 4 )
Y1    14.31818
Y2    24.000
Y3    40.000
U8    NS16550AV NS16550
U9    90X9298 8042
U11  35F3489 ADDR G/A
U12  65F0082 EPP-3
U17  33F5838 I/O GA
U22  35F3489 DATA G/A
U25  33F5946 CPU G/A
U26  i80386 80386 ( DX, so called )
U27  90X8134
U29  79F1016 MEM G/A
U32  FPU???? 80387
U34  N828077AA ( FDD controller )
U37  65F0155 ( BIOS EPROM )

J?   Serial
J?   Parallel
J?   K/B
J?   Mouse
J8   MCA BUS Riser with an ESDI connector
J9   Memory Riser Slot
J10 FDD connector  34PIN
J14 SIMM Slot  72pin
J13 Power ?   8PIN ( or SP ? )
J16 Power ?  7PIN
J7   Main Power Connector  10PIN

<-- Rear view
One SIMM slot J14 is placed on the planar and  additional
 2slots are provided through SIMM riser card which goes to
 connector J9.

 A BUS riser for J8 connector has MCA card slots on the left
 side and an ESDI HDD DB 2 connector is on the right side. 

 I/O connectors are placed as outline shows  ( Cable 
 connectors are plugged in vertically )

<-- Inner View


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