Wabi 1.1 for AIX

The best of both worlds


Close-up of screen showing Wabi 1.1 running on a RISC System/6000 workstation


Now you can take advantage of powerful AIX/6000(r) applications in combination with Wabi(r)-certified* (see p. 2 at a glance) personal productivity applications available for Microsoft(r) Windows(tm), all on a single desktop screen. Wabi 1.1 for AIX(r) gives you the following benefits:

Customer solutions

As companies migrate to powerful UNIX(r) platforms to run their businesses, compatibility with existing PC-based applications becomes an important issue. Users want PC and UNIX applications on one platform, without increased complexity or decreased performance. Application developers want expanded market opportunities without writing multiple versions of source code. Systems administrators want to provide PC and UNIX compatability without supporting multiple platforms and increasing systems overhead or investment. Now users, developers and MIS managers can have the best of both worlds.

Wabi 1.1 for AIX is a technology licensed by IBM from SunSelect. It allows users to run off-the-shelf Wabi-certified Microsoft Windows applications on AIX/6000-based workstations, usually without MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows.

Using Wabi 1.1 for AIX, both Wabi-certified Windows-based and AIX/6000-based applications can be supported on a single, high- performance IBM RISC System/6000 platform. By taking advantage of the power of RISC processors and AIX, you can increase and extend the value of many popular Windows applications in which you have invested.

Wabi 1.1 for AIX Operating Environment at a glance

Machine requirements
Programming requirements
The following are Wabi-certified applications. Other applications may be compatible but not yet certified. Microsoft Windows is not required except with Microsoft PowerPoint 3.0 and Paradox(tm) for Windows 1.0.

Wabi 1.1 for AIX can be used in the client/server environment, exploiting the benefits of the X Window(tm) architecture/protocol, which allows multiple users to have remote X Window sessions running on a server using low-cost Xstations.

Under the covers

Unlike the performance penalties typically experienced with PC emulation products or the recompiles typically required by software developer kits, Wabi 1.1 for AIX allows Wabi-certified Windows applications to run with near-native performance that compares favorably to some Intel 80486-based personal computers, when running on a RISC System/6000 Model 250.

Getting the most from favorite applications

Wabi 1.1 for AIX is actually ordered as a feature of AIXwindows(r), IBM's implementation of the advanced X Window system using the OSF/Motif(tm) interface standard. Since Wabi 1.1 for AIX is mapped to the AIXwindows interface on the AIX/6000 system, it provides all the function of the industry-standard X Window, including the ability to exploit Xstations at a lower cost-per-seat than fully configured workstations. What's more, X Windowing can improve application performance by offloading the graphics-intensive work from the server to the Xstations.

Protecting your investment

Wabi 1.1 for AIX protects your investments in current Wabi-certified Microsoft Windows applications. Since certified applications function the same way as they do in the original Windows 3.1 environment, you avoid losses in productivity and costly retraining. At your own speed, you can learn how to take advantage of the AIX environment. You have the choice of grouping and launching applications in a familiar way or using the native AIX desktop environment to access applications and data.

For more information on AIX Wabi 1.1 or the entire RISC System/6000 and AIX/6000 family, call your IBM marketing representative, IBM Business Partner, or IBM Direct: 1 800 IBM-CALL (1 800 426-2255). In Canada call 1 800 363-RISC (1 800 363-7472).

You can also call 1 800 IBM-4FAX (1 800 426-4329), and more information will be faxed immediately to your location.

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