Ultimedia Services for AIX, Ultimedia Audio Adapter and Ultimedia Video I/O Adapter

Explore the POWER of multimedia on the RISC System/6000


Using AIX Ultimedia Services to play and edit audio and video files

IBM(r) offers a full line of multimedia products for the RISC System/6000(r) (RS/6000(tm)) family. Designed to support industry-standard audio and video formats from PC and workstation environments, the Ultimedia(r) family for AIX(r) promotes the sharing of audio and video information while protecting investments in existing hardware, software and multimedia content.


Multimedia -- At your service

Ultimedia Services provides the desktop tools and utilities you need to add audio and video support to AIX and provides device control for the Ultimedia Audio and Ultimedia Video I/O adapters.

Easy-to-use tools (such as a media player, audio editor, video editor, video monitor, audio mixer and CD player) provide push-button control for creating and playing multimedia data. These tools are not only simple to use, they are smart. Built using SOMobject(tm) technology from IBM, the players and editors can recognize file attributes such as media types, file types, data formats and compression schemes to minimize the complexity of managing multimedia data. Within the Common Desktop Environment of AIX Version 4.1, working with your multimedia data is even easier with the drag-and-drop feature.

While Ultimedia Services' object technology makes things easy on the desktop, it also helps programmers and multimedia developers create new multimedia applications or add multimedia support to existing applications. By providing an MCI-like programming interface with device control objects and callable multimedia utilities, the power of object-based development can be realized.

The Ultimedia Audio Adapter captures and plays CD-quality, 16-bit, stereo sound on the RS/6000 and PowerPC. You can play movies using advanced decompression and playback routines that rely on the power of the CPU instead of requiring specialized hardware. Ultimedia Services supports the AVI file format with MJPEG, Ultimotion(tm) and Indeo 2.1 compression.

The Ultimedia Video I/O adapter supports live-video monitoring from either camera or videotape input. With the optional compression feature, you can capture material for later playback in Ultimedia Services. You can also encode video clips to video tape for industrial-grade video production or archival output.

Ultimedia for AIX

The Ultimedia family can work for you by:

For the casual user

Ultimedia Services and the Ultimedia Audio and Video adapters provide easy-to-use desktop tools to support capturing, editing and playing multimedia material on AIX. Industry-standard audio and video files from PCs and workstations are supported.

The players and editors use familiar push-button controls. The audio and video editors use simple commands (such as cut, copy, paste and insert) to support basic audio and video editing and composition. It couldn't be easier.

For the advanced user

Ultimedia Services provides tools and utilities for creating and converting audio and video files, managing audio and video archives, and assisting with the development of multimedia deliverables for distribution.

For the programmer

Ultimedia Services provides a robust API that promotes the development, enablement, and migration of multimedia applications to AIX. Callable multimedia objects created using IBM's System Object Module (SOM) can easily add audio and video capability within the framework of most existing applications. The object library provides bindings for C and C++ languages. Ultimedia Services' object nature is intended to provide a path toward the Taligent environment of the future.

For the multimedia developer

Ultimedia Services provides lower-level objects to directly control audio and video devices. Additional audio and video hardware, file types and compression routines can be added by the Ultimedia Services framework.

Features and Benefits

Programming API

Media player

CD player software

Audio recorder/editor and audio mixer

Movie editor


Demo/sample code

Voice navigation

Ultimedia Video I/O tools

Ultimedia Audio adapter technical information

The Ultimedia Audio Adapter for RS/6000 workstations provides a cost-effect 16-bit Micro Channel(r) audio adapter suitable for many applications, such as business audio, multimedia desktop authoring, presentation audio and desktop collaboration. This adapter also provides support for standard I/O devices, including audio players, microphones and speakers and can be internally connected to a CD-ROM reader on selected machine types for playing audio CDs.

The Ultimedia Audio Adapter provides analog audio conversion to and from a digital pulse code modulation (PCM) data format.

The Ultimedia Audio Adapter supports the following:

Ultimedia Video I/O adapter technical information

The Ultimedia Video I/O adapter is a multipurpose video adapter for RS/6000 workstations. It consists of a single slot Micro Channel card that supports real-time video monitoring on the desktop and capturing single-frame images. The Ultimedia Video I/O adapter also supports the video output of YUV data as NTSC or PAL. Both RCA and S-Video connections are provided.

You can add an optional guest card to support real-time video capture with MJPEG compression or to output a compressed JPEG stream to video.

The base Ultimedia Video I/O adapter supports the following:

With the optional compression guest card attached, the Ultimedia Video I/O adapter also supports the following MJPEG video capture:

In addition, the Ultimedia Video I/O adapter with the optional compression guest card attached also supports an MJPEG stream from a disk encoded to NTSC or PAL at 30 frames per second for display on a monitor or output to a video recorder.

System requirements for Ultimedia products



Fixed-disk storage

Operating system

Other software
For more information about Ultimedia products for the RS/6000 processor, call your IBM marketing representative, your IBM Business Partner or IBM Direct: 1 800 IBM-CALL (1 800 426-2255). In Canada call 1 800 363-RISC (1 800 363-7472).

You can also call 1 800 IBM-4FAX (1 800 426-4329) and more information will be faxed immediately to your location.

If you have access to the Internet, you can find additional information on IBM's Worldwide Web server at http://www.ibm.com

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