PEX and PHIGS Version 4.1 for AIX

Industry standard 3D graphics rendering


The PEX and PHIGS Version 4.1 for AIX(r) product offering provides three-dimensional rendering capa- bilities for the RISC System/6000(r) (RS/6000(tm)) workstation family. This includes support for PEX 5.1 and PHIGS on a wide variety of graphics accelerators through either software or hardware.

These application programming interfaces (APIs) provide a suite of advanced graphics functions that can be utilized to develop complex 3D applications in areas such as industrial design, computer-aided design and manufacturing, engineering analysis, and scientific visualization.


PEX and PHIGS Version 4.1 for AIX provides a variety of benefits including:

About the PEX API products

The IBM(r) PEX products provide interoperability for 3D graphics functions in networked heterogeneous environments. PEX supports immediate mode, as well as retained and mixed mode rendering, via a hierarchical graphical database manager called the structure store.

The PEX-Interoperability Center (PEX-IC) is a multi-vendor organization established to allow IBM and other PEX vendors to test early releases and verify conformance within a distributed environment. At the PEX-IC, vendors can ensure that application-generated protocol produces the same visual results on all PEX platforms. The PEX protocol offers distributed client-server support through APIs such as IBM graPHIGS(tm) or the X Consortium standard PEXlib.

IBM supports the Common Graphics Environment PEX 5.1 Extensions (CGE PEX 5.1). CGE offers users increased portability and early access to some PEX 5.2 functionality, including texture mapping, antialiasing, transparency, and new drafting primitives. CGE also requires several functions, which are optional on PEX 5.1.

PEXlib 5.1 is accelerated on the POWER Gt4e(tm), Gt4i(tm), Gt4xi(tm) and the GXT1000(tm). It also is supported on most entry-level RS/6000 graphics accelerators through Softgraphics. Softgraphics is a highly tuned software implementation of the geometry processing pipeline, the raster subsystem, and the pixel processing pipeline. The performance of Softgraphics scales with CPU processor performance.

IBM PEX products technical content

IBM fully supports PEXlib 5.1 as the primary PEX programming interface. With PEXlib and CGE PEX 5.1 extensions, you have access to graphics functions including: In addition, this offering includes PEX and CGE PEX 5.1 example programs, application development tools, an installation verification program, and online hypertext information with links to user-modifiable sample programs.

About the PHIGS API

The IBM PHIGS products include the graPHIGS API and PHIGS language bindings, based on the ISO/ANSI Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System (PHIGS) standard. This offering also includes a number of PHIGS PLUS functions, such as independent lighting and shading controls, advanced primitives, and extended rendering attributes.

The PHIGS API is accelerated on the POWER Gt4e, Gt4i, Gt4xi, and the GXT1000. It is also supported on most entry-level RS/6000 graphics accelerators through Softgraphics.

PHIGS API technical content

With PHIGS, you have access to the following functions:

In addition, this offering also includes PHIGS example programs, application development tools (including a font editor, debugger, and tutorial), an installation verification program, and online hypertext information.

In summary

IBM's stand-alone offering of PEX and PHIGS Version 4.1 for AIX provides maximum flexibility in graphics API choice. These APIs support ad- vanced 3D graphics functions across IBM's graphics family, providing customers with a wide range of systems that can be configured to meet their specific workstation needs.

PEX and PHIGS Version 4.1 for AIX operating environment at a glance

Supported adapters

Programming requirements

Options for 5696-907 PEX and PHIGs Version 4.1 for AIX

For more information about PEX and PHIGS Version 4.1 for AIX, or the entire RS/6000 and AIX family, call your IBM marketing representative, IBM Business Partner or IBM Direct: 1 800 IBM-CALL (1 800 426-2255). In Canada call 1 800 363-RISC (1 800 363-7472).

You can also call 1 800 IBM-4FAX (1 800 426-4329) and more information will be faxed immediately to your location.

If you have access to the Internet, you can find additional information on IBM's Worldwide Web server at

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