DCE Manager for AIX

Powerful management for the Distributed Computing Environment


The DCE Manager for AIX(r) provides advanced management capabilities for heterogeneous Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) installations. With the DCE Manager on a RISC System/6000(r) (RS/6000(tm)) server, you can view and control your entire DCE installation.


A need for management

Companies are designing and deploying large-scale heterogeneous client/server applications to meet their business needs today.

Many of these companies have chosen the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) technologies as the basis for their programming and network services infrastructure.

Since these new applications are critical to business, it is important that key distributed services such as DCE directory, security and time services are readily available.

The management of a heterogeneous and geographically distributed environment typical of DCE installations has been a complex and difficult task up to this point. With the introduction of the DCE Manager, the job of problem monitoring and problem resolution just became easier.

DCE Manager for AIX at work

The DCE Manager for AIX provides a graphical user interface to monitor all DCE clients and servers in an environment. The application is an integral part of the Netview for AIX program. Netview for AIX will provide the physical level of management and the DCE Manager integrates a submap of the logical view of the DCE clients and servers.

The DCE manager dynamically discovers and places DCE clients into the Netview for AIX topology maps, representing your cell(s). The management tool continuously monitors all DCE servers and gives visual notification of status changes. In addition to this, the DCE Manager provides a facility to collect historical data to aid in performance tuning and load-balancing activities.

The DCE Manager is unique in its ability to provide centralized status information to administrators on the health of their DCE configuration. It is a critical component in the future of distributed management for the enterprise. It is the foundation for DCE system management architecture.


DCE topology map

Dynamic discovery

Management GUI

Performance management

Netview integration

SMIT integration

For more information about the DCE Manager for AIX and the DCE product family, or the RS/6000 and AIX family, call your IBM(r) mar- keting representative, IBM Business Partner, or IBM Direct: 1 800 IBM-CALL (1 800 426-2255). In Canada call 1 800 363-RISC (1 800 363-7472).

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