RISC System/6000 Model C10 Compact Server

Powerful entry server solution


Image of RS/6000 Model C10

C10 compact server


Customer solutions

The Model C10 is an elegant and compact server that superbly meets the requirements for entry-level server or multi-user commercial environments. The unit's 80 MHz processor provides outstanding price/performance for diverse commercial applications. The standard 1GB disk drive, CD-ROM-2 drive, integrated SCSI-2 controller and excellent connectivity options make this an efficient and flexible system for retail, branch banking, wholesale and plant floor applications.

With up to 256MB of memory and 294GB disk capacity, a sizeable number of input/output devices and a communications controller, this small but powerful workhorse meets a wide range of business needs.

This compact system offers extensive configuration flexibility and provides room for expansion. Because customers have diverse network requirements, the Model C10 server provides an initial choice of connectivity solutions, including Ethernet LAN, token-ring LAN or 8-port asynchronous adapters. In addition, it supports attachment of the new 7318 Serial Communications Network Server (models P10 and S20) and the Network Terminal Accelerator, which together significantly improve Ethernet performance and expand terminal support capabilities. The incorporation of five media bays in the C10 server allows configuration of a wide variety of devices, including disk, tape and other media. This permits the server to support a variety of clients, including PCs, workstations, Xstations and ASCII terminals.

The C10 also has four Micro Channel(r) slots. One slot is dedicated to your selected connectivity option; three are available for other adapters.

A great investment

The operating system for the C10 server is AIX. The use of the AIX operating system provides interoperability between the C10 and other IBM and non-IBM systems. This expands the usefulness of those systems and increases the utility of the C10. Because it is driven by the PowerPC 601 microprocessor, the server provides outstanding fixed and floating-point processing.

Room to grow

The C10 server is designed to grow as your needs expand. Memory can be increased significantly beyond the standard 16MB to a maximum of 256MB. You can install three internal disk drives, attach additional external devices, and configure up to 294GB of disk storage.

Flexibility, speed, connectivity options--the C10 compact server has them all. It is an ideal solution for small companies where an entry-level commercial server is needed; in commercial situations requiring a small LAN server; and in large distributed enterprises in which a departmental server is required to run applications, such as retail in-store processing or branch business operations.

Performance Table

       Processor                   PowerPC 601
       Clock Rate                  80 MHz
       SPEC(tm)int92[2]            78.8
       SPECfp92[3]                 90.4
       Linpack DP[4] (in MFLOPS)   15.1
       Linpack SP[5] (in MFLOPS)   21.8
       Linpack TPP[6] (in MFLOPS)  40.5
C10 with L2 cache
       Processor                   PowerPC 601
       Clock Rate                  80 MHz
       SPEC(tm)int92[2]            90.5
       SPECfp92[3]                 100.8
       Linpack DP[4] (in MFLOPS)   20.3
       Linpack SP[5] (in MFLOPS)   24.9
       Linpack TPP[6] (in MFLOPS)  42.4

Features and Benefits

PowerPC 601, 80 MHz

Advanced fabrication technology

Built-in SCSI-2 adapters

Level 2 cache (1MB optional)

Configuration flexibility

Expandable memory, device bays and four Micro Channel slots

Standard RISC System/6000 I/O ports

Preconfigured packaging

Binary-code compatibility

Error Correction Code (ECC)

AIX and AIXwindows(r) Environment/6000

RISC System/6000 C10 compact server at a glance*


Memory (RAM)

Operating system

Standard functions

Storage (standard)

System expansion

Communications support

Power supply



* For additional details, contact your IBM marketing representative or IBM Business Partner.

Select and optional features

The C10 compact server is configured to handle most business and technical computing tasks. However, the following optional tools and features are available to enhance and extend the C10's functionality:


Internal storage

Interfaces Adapters Graphics accelerators

Supported devices

The following list of devices is a representative sample. For a complete and detailed list of supported devices, contact your IBM marketing representative or IBM Business Partner:

External storage




Input devices

Printers and peripherals

Other devices

For more information on the RISC System/6000 Model C10 or the entire family of RISC System/6000 products, call your IBM marketing representative, your IBM Business Partner or IBM Direct: 1 800 IBM-CALL (1 800 426-2255).
In Canada call 1 800 363-RISC (1 800 363-7472).

You can also call 1 800 IBM-4FAX (1 800 426-4329) and more information will be faxed immediately to your location.

All performance data was obtained in a specific environment and is presented as is for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may vary.
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SPECint92 is a geometric mean of six integer tests that comprise the CINT92 benchmark suite. All of these are written in C language.
SPECfp92 is a geometric mean of 14 tests that represent the CFP92 benchmark suite. Five of the tests are single precision, while the remaining nine are double precision. Two tests are written in C language, and the rest are written in FORTRAN.
Linpack DP: Double Precision, n=100 results with AIX XL Fortran compiler, with optimization. Units are megaflops (MFLOPS).
Linpack SP: Single Precision, n=100 results with AIX XL Fortran compiler, with optimization. Units are megaflops (MFLOPS).
Linpack TPP: Toward Peak Performance, n=1,000 results with AIX Fortran compiler, with optimization. Units are megaflops (MFLOPS).
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